North Mississippi Acceleration District

Embark on a new age of innovation with NOMAD

What is NOMAD?

The North Mississippi Acceleration District is the first of its kind: an entire region with high-speed fiber-optic internet. NOMAD is a place where forward-thinking businesses, communities, and people can come to innovate and create, live, and work—without sacrificing a thing.

NOMAD is Accessible, Affordable, Available fiber.


Average price per gig

What NOMAD means for the region

“With NOMAD, you can live wherever you choose across the North Mississippi region and sacrifice nothing in terms of digital access.”
William Skip Scaggs
“NOMAD could brighten our horizons here in West Point and across North Mississippi. It puts us in a more competitive position. I’m excited about the future.”
Rod Bobo
Mayor of West Point
“For our engineers, our team leaders, being able to pull up systems at home and see how they’re operating—to be able to potentially troubleshoot without having to drive to the mill—that is big.”
Vince Overholt
Kimberly-Clark, Corinth